Холбооны танилцуулга

Mongolian Funeral Association has been working to unite funeral organizations together and aimed at developing their legal environment, human resource, international relations, and future development plans and improving them to international level.

Association’s activities:
- Protect citizens rights to live in a healthy environment fully through conducting environmentally friendly funeral activities
- Share common international funeral trends and practices with the public
- Prevent negative effects which do not comply with traditional, cultural and historic customs
- Frequently get updated on the most modern funeral and crematoria trends, developments, new technologies through internet and getting in contact with researchers, astrologers and academics to implement their experiences in our activities in Mongolia.
- Transport Mongolian citizens passed away abroad to conduct funerals in their homeland and undertake funeral supports to foreigners passed away in Mongolia.

The Mongolian Funeral Association has a membership in the International cemetery, cremation, and Funeral Association ICCFA, Australasian cemeteries & crematoria Association ACCA, UK’s National Funeral directors’ Association and we attend trainings to share experiences and undertake to introduce new techniques and technologies.

Ерөнхийлөгчийн мэндчилгээ

It has been 11 years since we started the cremation service in Mongolia. Throughout those 11 years, the citizens of Ulaanbaatar understood and started to receive our service. I would like to thank sincerely all those people and public institutions who cooperated with us, and those who became our customers to make our endeavor a success.

Moreover, I would like to underline that the experience we gained through membership International Cemetery Cremation Funeral association /ICCFA/, Australasia Cemeteries and Crematoria Association /ACCA/, National Funeral Directors Association / NFDA/ and other international organizations was essential. Those 11 years were instructive for us to understand that is was necessary to develop every field of the funeral service by learning international standards and business development trends and we started developing the business by every field related to the funeral service. The Mongolian Funeral Association will further intensify its international relations. 

President G.Idermaa  


The first cremation center "Crematory
Center" of "Ulaanbaatar Buyan" LLC is in
Became a membership organization of
International Cemetery, Cremation
and Funeral Association
"Ulaanbaatar Bodi Buyan" LLC is
"New Cemetery" LLC established and
"Memorial garden" opened and began
operating in the west of Ulaanbaatar city
Director Idermaa G. studied at ICCFA
University of Cemetery Management, the
Organized a meeting titled "The current
status of cemetery and crematory in
Enrolled as a member into Australasian
Cemeteries and Crematoria Association.
"Crematory Center" complex of
"Ulaanbaatarbodi Buyan" LLC is built and
began utilizing in the east of Ulaanbaatar
"Buyanii Zuuch" LLC Funeral Agency
company was established.
"Irgediin Buyand" LLC was established.This
is factory company of wooden casket and
tomb stone.
Mongolian Funeral Association was
Enrolled as a member into the National
Funeral Directors Association / NFDA/
Enrolled as a member into the FIAT- IFTA
"BUYANII KHUSUG" LLC was established
/ Funeral coach company /
"Bodi Badmaarag" LLC was established.
"Paradise Garden" of "New Cemetery" LLC
got into utilization.
"Ulaanbaatar Buyan" LLC was registered into
ISO-9001 and held a qualification certificate.
"Memorial Garden" LLC was established.
"Shildeg Shirmel" LLC was established.
/ Factory company made by wool casket/


"Ulaanbaatar Buyan" LLC built "AMITABHA" god memorial garden and got it into utilization.